Converting technology and ideas into value that reach the customer.

Our Focus

Venture Building

Whether it is early validation or the commercialization of a technology, or a search for the next market opportunity, Persistensie can support your team in defining and executing a structured validation and commercialization process that incorporates the customer from day 1.

We have broad experience working with MNCs and startups – we markedly focus on deeptech; based on personal experience we best understand the translation, patience and resources required to support such complex entities.

Corporate Innovation

Persistensie helps corporations and government institutions define and execute their innovation agendas. A customer-focused mindset is the new “business-as-usual” regardless of the strategy, industry, product, service or environment that you operate in. We are here to make your vision and mission tangible and sustainable.

We have assisted organizations in insurances, transportation, government, banking and FMCG. We know that all organizations are different – we tailor all our programs to best suit your individual needs.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development is crucial in any transformation as it helps set the base in terms of culture, methodology and language. Leadership development in both technical and non-technical fields stand to benefit from our innovation programs.

We advocate experiential learning and tailor our programs based on the need and participants, aswell as the culture, customer profiles and economic environment of the location for the program.

Who We Are – How We Work

About Us

Persistensie Pte. Ltd. is an independent strategy & innovation consultancy focused on translating technology and ideas into value that reach the customer.

Our Approach

The specific activities and milestones will vary on a case by case basis, but they always involve three main elements: Explore, Ideate, Experiment.

Let’s Have Fun!

Above all, we want our work to be meaningful and fun! If you have a question or a particular request (however odd!) please do not hesitate to reach out!