SME and Corporates

What are you aiming for?

We need to be more customer focused.

Can you recall the last time that you spoke to a customer face to face? The customer defines the business, not the other way around. Our programs help create a sustainable mindset of “customer-first and customer-always.”

We must build an innovation culture.

Old ways have led to success today – but are they future proof? For companies that try to scale up their experimentation capacity often find that the obstacles are not tools and technology but shared behaviors, beliefs, and values. We help leaders develop new capabilities to drive a more agile, entrepreneurial, and experimental culture.

We have to define new horizons.

Searching for the next opportunity to capitalize? Based on a customer-focused and experimental mindset your team will be able to define new markets that are viable, desirable and feasible.

A Selection of Our Methods Rooted in Design Thinking

Persona & Job-to-be-Done

Understanding who our customer is down to their aspirations and emotions. Ethnographic data collection methods are highly encouraged – empathizing with the customers’ environment, phase in life and personal circumstances. Defining jobs-to-be-done that accurately capture the needs of the customer.

Human Centered Design

Keeping the customer top of mind in all that we do, and involving them as much as possible in every step.


To successfully innovate, companies need to make experimentation an imperative part of everyday life, even when budgets are tight. Experimentation is counting on failure – but even more so – enabling learning and improvement to better the eventual value proposition.