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UDEMY: Entrepreneurship – Does Your Startup Idea Make Sense?

To help students and clients progress in their intra/entrepreneurial journeys I have created a course on Udemy covering advanced material on Customer Validation, Uncovering Opportunities, and Experimentation of your value proposition. The course includes downloadable resources to get you started! Contact me for group discounts. (Course Access)

Design Thinking/Value Proposition Finding/Customer Empathy

Studio Zao – How To Select A Test To Get Market Validation For A Business Idea

Lara Truelove – 20 pointers for weaving empathy through human-centered design – Tools for Better Thinking

General Startup Articles

Reid Hoffman – Building a Great Startup Board

Engel Schmidl – The Road To Customer Dissatisfaction is Paved With Good Intentions

Kyle Poyar & Sanjiv Kalevar – The Usage Based Pricing Playbook

David Grimm – Want To Build A Deeptech Startup? Throw Out the VC Playbook

Eric Migicovsky – How To Talk To Customers

Experimentation (Customer Validation Tests)

Itamar Gilad – Idea Validation — Much More Than Just A/B Experiments

Company Setup

Singapore Law Watch (Legal Templates)

Kindrik Partners (Legal Templates)

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