Our Approach

Converting technology and ideas into value that reach the customer.

Persistensie helps validate and address your customers’ needs – thereby increasing the desirability, feasibility and viability of the new value propositions. The specific activities and milestones within the general process of Venture Building, Corporate Innovation or Learning & Development will vary on a case by case basis, but they always involve three main elements: Explore, Ideate, Experiment.


The starting point is always the customer. You can listen, read and access copious amounts of data, but the most accurate method of exploration is by going and meeting customers – it applies both in Digital and Deeptech environments. Especially for Deeptech, the ability to translate technology to value for the customer is paramount.

Persistensie has vast experience in running validation programs for deeptech startups and MNCs in search of new markets for their solutions. Through our methodology we provide non-bias assessments, actionable information, motivated staff and customer-focus. We strive for sustainable practices and businesses that matter, not short term results and quick wins.


We retain the focus on the customer always, even when we brainstorm solutions. Many define ideation as just a process – we disagree, it also requires the right mindset and methodology. Fail fast, learn quick, empower.

Our main vehicle for driving change is through our ideation programs. Custom-build for each organisation, we help organisations think differently and devise new value propositions deeply embedded in customer insight. No market, product or economic climate is the same – even if you revisit them. Persistensie has experience in ideating realistic value propositions for a diverse set of environments ranging from B2C and B2B, products and services, and digital and technology driven.


So…will this thing fly? That question can only be answered through experimentation. All the prior analysis can give you indications of possible success, but to truly gain confidence in the value proposition you must test the critical assumptions with real customers. Experiments fit in between qualitative research and product development.

Persistensie helps you gain confidence in the outcome of your value propositions based on structured thinking, creative doing and a skilled network of experts.

How We Work

Customer First

  • Keep the customer top of mind in all we do.
  • Strive for customer empathy and immersion over data and hearsay.
  • Listen more, talk less.

One- Team

  • Inclusive and transparent in what we do and how we work with you.
  • Accept that good decisions can come from anywhere and anyone.
  • Check egos at the door.


  • Respect; for all and under all circumstances.
  • Trust; through open, direct and honest communication with everyone.
  • Integrity; doing the right things, at all times, even if no one is watching.

We recognize our star abilities and those we are less good at.

If required, we will collaborate with trust-worthy partners to deliver the best results.